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Logistics and Warehousing

Account Setup

Setup account and system integration for portal.

Inbound receiving

Taking care of handling the inbound of containers
or freights.

Storage and warehousing

Storage your products in our warehouse either if
it’s in pallets, floor or bins.

Pick and pack and order fulfillment

Pick and pack your orders for them to be shipped
out in a timely manner.

Order Insert and custom labeling

Adding any promotional or marketing inserts
into the package, or labeling the package
in any special way.

Outbound shipping

Prepare and ship your products to a different
location or to customer.

Return RMA

Taking care of returning products is very important as it will pile up quickly to become unusable and space taking product.

Account Management

Provide customer service and management for the coordination of your account.

Contact Us

Fill out inquiry form with contact information
and email us.

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