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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring relief to your management efforts, guide you towards the correct path and save you money on employees.

Our Story

E-commerce is a tricky endeavor. Even businesses who sell successfully are still likely to leave lots of money on the table. We analyze every bit of it. We look at all products and descriptions to optimize conversion rates, examine how you go to market with fulfillment, discover new profitable products, drive sales using our managed PPC services and other ranking up goodies.

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Account Setup

Setting up an account is the easiest step but we want to make sure it is done correctly.

Fulfillment Management

We provide full consultation and services to manage proper fulfillment of your products through e-commerce. Whether you’d like us to fulfill products directly on your behalf or manage FBA we have a solution for you. We manage all inventory to make sure your products are always in stock and eligible for Prime to maximize sales and profit.

Product Optimization

Buyer psychology plays an extremely important role in product sales on Amazon. Images, descriptions, and details make all the difference. We optimize and replace images with ones that compel sales. We perform focus and A/B tests on textural content to optimize for the best result.

• Product Title Optimization
• Bullet Points Optimization
• Product Description Optimization
• A+ Brand Content Optimization

Advertisements and Marketing

Once your products are reviewed and optimized for fulfillment, it’s time to start marketing and advertising to maximize sales volume. We manage Amazon and other PPC platforms to drive traffic to your products that push high volume sales.

Review Management

Reviews are critical for a good conversion rate. We manage and inspect reviews and adjust content to insure sustained positive reviews over time. We aggregate your reviews to provide recommendations on product or seller improvement.

Product Discovery and Research

We not only will sell the products you have, we will also keep an eye out for new and profitable products under the same categories. Product research is very important as it will most likely dictate the success of sales.

Product Sourcing and Customization

Upon finding the desirable product, our team will assist in sourcing of the product from China for a quality ensured and reasonable priced experience. Also, we will seek customization and enhancement in product to create a distinguishing difference from other competition.

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